The Parkview School Band Program

Parkview School has had a quality band program for a great many years, led by several high quality Band Directors. There is also a rich history of success at local, provincial and national music festivals over the years. 

Current Director of Bands


Greg Duguid
2017 - Current

Mr. Duguid has been involved with music since he started junior high (ahem) a few years ago! His main instrument is the clarinet, but he also enjoys playing the bass clarinet and he played the alto sax in jazz band throughout junior high and high school. 

Mr. Duguid has been an active part of the Edmonton music community since his teens, playing with the Edmonton Youth Orchestra, numerous high school honour bands, the University of Alberta Symphonic Wind Ensemble and he currently plays in an adult community band when time permits. 

When the young Mr. Duguid wasn’t at school or in band rehearsals, he worked part time at a local music store and 30 years later, when he isn’t teaching, he’s still an active part of this local business.

While Mr. Duguid knew right from high school what he wanted his profession to be, he spent some years in university broadening his horizons studying everything from electrical engineering to music and even technical theatre. Since graduating in 2010 with his Bachelor of Education – Secondary Education, he has been teaching with Edmonton Public Schools with a focus on Instrumental Music and Math.

Currently serving on the Board of Directors for MusiCamp Alberta (his summer camp alma mater), he strives to make music fun and accessible for all children. At school, most of his students really enjoy his personality and teaching styles. Although serious about covering curriculum and helping his students develop a lifelong love of playing music, he also has a fun, goofy, nerdy side that the kids can relate to.

Not quite outnumbered, Mr. Duguid’s home life sometimes feels overrun by their 3 giant dogs, but usually along with his wife and two kids, they can outsmart the pups and maintain the human upper hand (unless bacon or butter is involved).  Aside from wrangling enormous canines and raising a pre-teen daughter and a teenage son, Mr. Duguid holds on to a few precious hobbies and interests. He loves all things Disney (would live in Disneyland if they let him), loves playing the clarinet, enjoys traveling, cheers for the Oilers, is a borderline Trekkie, enjoyed going to movies with his wife (pre-covid times) and he loves it when someone else cooks dinner. If geeking out with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets could count as a hobby, he’d list that here too, but let’s just file it under – likes computers and keeping up with the latest technology. Ultimately though, teaching band is his biggest passion.

Past Directors

Darren Sahl                                        2002 - 2017

Jamie Burns                                                - 2017

Paul Padburg

Marlene Norquay